Introducing Cowboy by Choice®

A Rebranding Celebration Inspired by the True Spirit of the West.

“It’s not Just a brand, It’s a way of life”™

Rooted in the authentic essence of the Wild West, Cowboy by Choice® embraces the bold and unapologetic individuality of cowboys and cowgirls. Our brand celebrates the spirit of those who forge their own paths, living life on their terms – adventurous, resilient, and true to themselves.

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 Twinsburg Businessman Revives Cowboy By Choice Brand
Published: Apr. 16, 2024.

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Our condiments embody the rugged and flavorful character of the frontier, just like the cowboys and cowgirls who inspired them. Indulge in our: Rodeo Kick Mustard, Bourbon Mustard, Bucking Hot Sauce, Smoky Horseradish, and Rodeo Kick Smokies.

Embrace the spirit with our exclusive line of merchandise, designed to reflect the nature of those who are unafraid to be who they are:


“Cowboy By Choice®, Branded For Life” ™

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