Our Story

The “WHY” in our Branding.

“Shortly after the Civil War, the working Cowboy became a dominant figure in the development of the west. They were a tough breed, because Survival depended on it. Working hard and playing hard, their boot marks made history, 1866-1876.”

Lionstone Distilleries

Cowboy By Choice was first introduced in 2005. The objective was to create a western brand that was tailored to individuals that have the love for the lifestyle, horses and the spirit of the old west.

After the initial introduction and extensive research on what products to develop, the CBC team tested the waters with a line of condiments and snacks, from Mustard, Horseradish Sauce, BBQ Chips, Beef Jerky, to name a few.

Our signature mustard, Rodeo Kick, became a quick success. Its zesty blend of spicy undertones captures the essence of the open range. In 2010 Rodeo Kick mustard gained international recognition by winning the prestigious Worldwide Mustard Competition in Napa Valley. As popularity grew, the ‘non-western’ sector of customers was drawn into the quality and taste of the products, leading the rest of the products to follow suit.

In 2013 Founder Randy Mintz acquired the prestigious Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard Company. This historic brand has delighted baseball fans for generations and is currently celebrating 99 years and still going strong.

Regardless of what preference of mustard you choose, you can be assured that the quality, taste and integrity of all our products will continue to thrive.

Branded For Life™