Our Story

The “WHY” in our Branding.

Cowboys and cowgirls are drawn to the cowboy way of life for a variety of reasons, often driven by a combination of tradition, personal passion, and a deep connection to the land and animals. So why do individuals choose to become cowboys or cowgirls:

Heritage and Tradition

Many individuals are born into cowboy or cowgirl families with a long history in ranching and rodeo. This heritage often instills a sense of pride and a desire to carry on the traditions of their ancestors.

Love of the Outdoors

The cowboy way of life offers a close connection to the natural world. Working on ranches and open ranges allows for a deep appreciation of the great outdoors and a love for wide, open spaces.

Passion for Horses:

Horses are central to the cowboy lifestyle. Many are drawn to the cowboy life by a deep love for these animals and the opportunity to work with and care for them.

Strong Work Ethic

The cowboy way of life is characterized by hard work and long hours. Those who are passionate about ranching and rodeo are often driven by a strong work ethic and a willingness to put in the effort required.

Connection to Animals

Ranching and rodeo work often involves caring for and tending to livestock, such as cattle and horses. This connection with animals can be deeply fulfilling for those who have a love for creatures of the land.

Simplicity and Values

The cowboy way of life often embodies a sense of simplicity, strong values, and a code of ethics. Many are drawn to this lifestyle for the opportunity to live according to these principles.

Community and Camaraderie

Cowboys and Cowgirls often form close-knit communities where they share a bond with others who have chosen the same way of life. This sense of camaraderie and belonging is a strong draw.

The Cowboy and Cowgirl way of life is a blend of heritage, love for the land and animals, hard work, and a unique set of values. It’s a lifestyle that attracts those who are passionate about it and who are willing to dedicate themselves to its demands. Randy has captured all of these values in Cowboy By Choice®

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