Randy Mintz

Randy’s love for horses and the spirit of the Old West led him to establish his own business, which he aptly named “Cowboy By Choice”.

Randy’s entrepreneurial spirit and creativity knew no bounds. He discovered his talent for creating a unique brand that was tailored for the Cowboy and Cowgirl lifestyle, Randy developed a signature mustard called Rodeo Kick, which quickly became a success. Its zesty blend of spices and smoky undertones captured the essence of the open range. To his delight, Rodeo Kick Mustard gained recognition by winning the prestigious Worldwide Mustard Competition in Napa Valley.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Randy expanded his endeavors in 2013. Recognizing the timeless appeal of classic ballpark mustard, he had the opportunity to acquire the original Bertman Ballpark Mustard Company, putting Cowboy By Choice in a holding pattern, but now it’s back.