Stephanie Frusteri

Stephanie Frusteri is an exceptional business development and marketing specialist who has garnered credibility and success with CEOs and business leaders. She has been recognized for her talents and accomplishments, giving her a reputation as a highly regarded professional.

During her career, Stephanie had the valuable opportunity to work with Bertman Mustard, where she focused on various aspects such as brand development, client relationships, and advertising campaigns. Her contributions were instrumental in the growth and success of the company. Stephanie played a key role in developing the Buyers Mission and Branded Program, helping Bertman Mustard expand its reach into international markets. Her strategic leadership and marketing expertise were vital to the success of these initiatives.

Given her track record, Stephanie’s leadership and marketing skills will play a crucial role in the growth of the “Cowboy By Choice” brand. With her energetic approach, integrity, and confident mindset, she will bring a fresh perspective to the company. Her ability to develop and execute effective marketing strategies will be pivotal in expanding the brand’s presence towards the success of “Cowboy By Choice®”.