Buck Taylor “The Actor”

Buck Taylor, a renowned cowboy actor and a true embodiment of the Western spirit, shares a bond of friendship with Randy Mintz. Their relationship, founded on shared values and a love for all things cowboy, is mirrored in the essence of “Cowboy by Choice.”

Buck Taylor, a name synonymous with the rugged allure of the Wild West, is a renowned actor who brought the essence of the cowboy to life on the silver screen. With a career spanning decades, he made his mark in the hearts of audiences as one of the iconic cowboy characters in Hollywood.

Best known for his role as “Newly O’Brien” in the long-running TV series “Gunsmoke,” Buck Taylor’s portrayal of a young cowboy captured the imagination of fans showing a portrayal of frontier life.

Buck Taylor’s career extended beyond the small screen. He appeared in a variety of Western films and television projects, often taking on roles that showcased the grit and authenticity of cowboy life. His on-screen presence exuded the same kind of resilience, courage, and integrity that defined the legendary cowboys of the past. Most recently, Buck starred in the popular series, “Yellowstone”, as Emmett Walsh.

Beyond his acting career, Buck Taylor is also a talented artist. His paintings, often depicting scenes from the Old West, reveal a deep appreciation for the cowboy lifestyle and the landscapes that shaped it. This artistic expression further showcases his connection to the cowboy way of life and his commitment to preserving its legacy.